Reading Ambiance

When we read stories in Kindergarten, the children love to “get cozy” and settle in to listen.  One thing that we have found that adds to the ambiance of the classroom is a “fireplace”.  Who doesn’t love cozying up by the fire to read?  If you’d like to have a fireplace to read by, you can use this link:



If you’d prefer a fireplace all decorated for Christmas, you can use this link:

Christmas Fireplace


Mrs. Hiebert also likes to read at the beach.  Here is a video of the beach so you can read and listen to the lapping waves:


Or maybe you prefer a babbling brook?

Babbling Brook

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  1. I really like your fireplace. Listening to stories or reading a book can be so much fun. Grace and Maile read lots of books. Bring some books when you come to visit us.

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