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The KinderPals love to blog!  They are using kid writing to show their knowledge and develop their language skills.  They may not be using grown-up spelling, but they are trying very hard to use their letter and sound knowledge to write just like grown-ups do.  I am more concerned with ideas and writing content than perfect spelling.  The spelling will come with maturity and practice.

Please do read the blogs and comment if you wish.  All comments are moderated by Mrs. Hiebert.  When commenting, please remember these few tips:

-Keep your comments positive.  We want to encourage the KinderPals to keep writing!

-Please let us know who you are, but parents, you may choose to sign in as “Mom” or “Dad”.  You do not need to use your last name.

-From time to time the students ask me to photograph their work and put it on their blog, so not only is this documenting their focussed blogging time, but also some of their other class work and creations during center time.  Some students even choose to blog from home, so there may be posts about important events in their families lives.  I hope you enjoy seeing how the students develop their learning over the course of the year.

To view our class blog writing, please click here.

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  1. Malia, I am so happy to know I can share your blog. What fun!

  2. Malia, Papa and I loved your book about dolphins. They are such smart and beautiful animals. The pictures in your book are so exciting and wonderful. I think you chose a wonderful animal to study. Papa and I learned many things from your book. Good work! We love you, Tutu and Papa

  3. Alex! We are so proud of you for running so hard in the Terry Fox Run! You also look as if you had lots of fun.

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