Technology and Global Education Projects

In this day and age the internet is an integral part of our learning and sharing.  With your permission I hope to have Division 13 involved with many online projects.  These will include class blogging, individual student blogs, twitter in the classroom, Skyping with children from other classes around the world, and several global collaborative projects. It is our practice not to associate names with photos.  I will be the point of contact for anything uploaded to the internet so we can make good choices as a classroom. By doing so we can find opportunities for discussion on appropriateness and best practices so as to model good behavior that your children can continue as they become more independent over the years. Through the use of technology we will be learning alongside children in our school, our school district, and around the world. Here is a little information about some of our digital activities:

A Class Blog:  A place to find out what is happening in our classroom.  It can be found at I have entered your email addresses into the subscription service for our blog, so our updates will come to your email automatically. Please complete the registration so that you can receive all of the news from the class.

Twitter:  Our class twitter account is @KinderPals where we will share our learning with other Kindergarten classes around the world. If you are on twitter please consider following us.   If you choose not to follow us, you can also see our twitter feed on our blog.  We ONLY follow other Kindergarten classes (we don’t want grown-up tweets in our feed).

Skype:  This on line communication tool allows us to meet and collaborate with children around the world. We call this #skypeplay. We hope to Skype with our Kindergarten Around the World project partners from Japan and Indonesia, as well as classes across North America.

Global Projects:  These are projects that we do with other classes around the world through an online medium. Information about each project will be shared on our class blog.

Individual Student Blogs:  Later on in the year, each student will have a personal blog on which to write and add photos.  This helps document their learning while providing a wider audience. Once we start blogging, follow the link to see your child’s work.

If you have any concerns please discuss them with me.  I am looking forward to the most amazing year of learning with your child!

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  1. I just discovered you today through Twitter! Can’t wait to follow and hopefully connect our classrooms next school year. Our last day was Friday. Now it’s time for me to learn how to do all the amazing things I see your kinders doing. I’m impressed and inspired!

  2. I’m so glad we connected on twitter and look forward to connecting our classes next year. Have a wonderful summer!

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