Indoor Shoes and Extra Clothing


Your child must have a pair of “indoor/gym shoes” (slip on or Velcro ONLY, please!) to wear each day at Kindergarten.velcro shoes

Please label the shoes and all of your child’s other clothing with their full name. We often have duplicates pieces of clothing, so without labels it may be hard to find the rightful owner.
It would also be helpful to have a change of clothes (t-shirt, underwear and pants in a draw-string gym bag) to have at school in case there are accidents. Being at school all day will see your child involved in a wide variety of activities that may or may not be messy. With playing outside at least twice a day, there is the chance of getting wet or muddy, so having a change of clothes would allow your child to continue their day dry and comfortable.

drawstring bagt-shirtjeans

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