Birthday Celebrations

Birthday party invitations given out at school that do not include all the boys or all the girls in the class can cause hurt feelings. Often the pain of not being invited to a friend’s birthday party can carry a lasting sting. As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to host a party for all the children in the class, and it’s unreasonable to expect that our children will be invited to every party. But, please be considerate for the sake of the little ones’ feelings.

birthday cake

Another Birthday Party
I sit in my car and cry,
Another child’s birthday goes by.
My child saw all the cards handed out,
And wondered what the excitement was about.
wasn’t invited to join in with the rest,
To pick out a gift, and get ‘specially dressed.
He sees the anticipation in his little friends,
But knows when their fun begins, his ends.
My son asks me “Why?”,
I sit in my car and cry.
-Wendy McClelland (May 1995)

To try and avoid someone feeling left out, in the past I have sent out class phone lists so that you can invite your party guests privately. Please let me know if you do NOT wish to have your phone number on this class list and I will not include it.  This phone list is also a good way to set up play dates for your children.
We love to celebrate everyone’s birthday at school! If you wish to send a special snack for the class on your child’s birthday, please let me know before his/her birthday. Cupcakes, cookies or donut holes are much easier to serve the class than actual birthday cake, as I do not have plates and forks for all of the children.

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  1. Mrs. Hiebert, I just looked up “Birthdays” since Malia’s is approaching May 6th.
    I want to commend your policy regarding invitations. It immediately brought back memories of grade school birthdays and Valentine Day cards.
    The children are so fortunate to be your students. Thank you for all you do.

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