Snacks and Lunches


Each day your child will have time for a snack, as well as a full lunch. Please pack lunches and snacks separately so that your child knows what is appropriate to eat at what time. Food sharing will not be permitted due to food allergies, so please pack enough nutritious food for your child for the whole day. We ask that you please leave the chips, pop, sugary juices and candy at home, as we are trying to teach the children about good nutrition.


Food suggestions:

-apples (cut up)             -cheese and crackers               -carrots

-oranges (peeled)           -sandwiches                            -celery

-grapes                          -flat breads or wraps             -cucumbers

-bananas (cut off the top)-yogurt                                 -peppers

-melons                          -healthy muffins                     -grape tomatoes

-dried fruits                    -granola bars                         -snap peas


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