Message Bags and Planners

Your Child will be taking home a Message Bag, which is a large Ziploc bag labelled with his/her name. This bag is my communication tool with parents and guardians. You will receive notices regarding our classroom or school-wide events, permission slips for field trips, or work that has been completed in class inside the bag.


We will begin using planners in late September once the students are familiar with school routines. Every day please check your child’s planner and sign, indicating that you have looked at it. This is a great opportunity to communicate with me rather than sending individual slips of paper or trying to speak to me at the beginning of the day.


Please check your child’s Message Bag and Planner every day for items from school. Return the planner in the bag the next morning, even if it is empty. Use it to send signed notices, money for activities, notes to me, or to the school.


***If you are sending money to school in the Message Bag, please put the money in a sealed envelope or sandwich bag labelled with your child’s name, amount enclosed and the purpose of the money. I do not handle the money, so the office or PAC will need to know who the money is coming from and what it is for.***

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  1. Shoot! I sent Adrianna’s hot lunch money just in the bag with no envelope or label. I hope it made it to the right person? It was $4 for her pizza and chocolate milk for October 24th I believe.

  2. Anything I receive for hot lunch is sent to the PAC. I believe I had an extra ziplock bag to send her order in for you. If you could put it into an envelope or ziplock before sending to school next time, that would be great!

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