Illnesses and Lice Checks


tissue boxAs you can appreciate, when one child is sick with a cough and runny nose, it’s not long before the children around him/her are exposed to the germs that made the child ill. Please consider others in the classroom (and me, too!) by not sending your sick child to school. If you are concerned about missed work, just call me and we’d be happy to send home the activities once your child has returned to school.

If your child comes down with the chicken pox, pink eye, or something else that is highly contagious, please let me or the office know so that we can watch the other children for symptoms.

Head lice are always a concern, so please help our class stay lice free by regularly checking your child’s hair. Once per term, there is a school-wide lice check. Lice will spread very quickly in the classroom, so I would kindly ask that you keep your child at home until the proper treatment is completed. (This means that all nits must be removed.)


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