How Does Baby Truett Learn?

Baby Truett and his mommy came to visit again today. He is growing and learning! Mr. Robertson showed him a new toy, then he hid it. Baby Truett did not look for the toy when it was hidden under the blanket. He does not yet know about object permanence, but we have learned that.

Baby Truett flaps his hands and kicks his legs when he is excited. He pulls his ear and rubs his eyes when he is tired. This is called body language and it is one way to communicate.

We sang some nursery rhymes for Baby Truett. He was flapping his arms which means he was excited! When his mom tickles him and holds his toes, he is learning that his mommy loves him.

Baby Truett has four teeth. He chews on everything! 

We sang the song Eensy Weensy Spider for Baby Truett. It is even tricky for some of us to do the actions! Someday Baby Truett will learn how to sing and do the actions, too. By practicing something new, we learn.

Baby Truett Liked playing with two toys at once. He was able to grasp each toy in one hand and bang them together.

Baby Truett is learning to eat new foods, too. He likes blueberries, grapes, avocado, and cooked carrots. His foods need to be soft. His mommy fed him some blueberries today. He had a funny look on his face when he first tasted the blueberries. We think he was trying to figure out if he liked the taste and texture. 

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