When animals or people send messages to each other, that is communication. Waving is a way of saying hello or good-bye.

This shows that you are tired without saying the words:

This shows someone who is sad:

And this shows someone who is  happy:

We can comminicate by talking, writing and hand gestures. Face Time and texting are relatively new ways of communicating.

Babies communicate by crying and using hand gestures. They communicate that they are happy by smiling and cooing. If a baby is gesturing to his mouth, we can help by getting the baby some food.

Many of us have family members all over the world. Mail, email, FaceTime and phoning is important to us so we can stay in contact with them.

Mr. Robertson read a story called Dear Juno. The little boy and his grandmother love each other, but don’t speak the same language. They learn to communicate without reading or writing. They used pictures and objects to communicate.

Nursery rhymes are another way of communicating. Babies can learn words by listening to nursery rhymes.

We said Humpty Dumpty

This Little Piggy Went to Market

and Patty Cake Patty Cake Baker’s Man

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