Baby Truett Visits Again!

Oops! I must have forgotten to press “Publish” on this post from last week. I’ll chalk it up to being out of routine with all that snow we had.  

Baby Truett has tried real foods! He has tried butternut squash, yams, avocado, toast, and he sucks on red pepper. Baby Truett is working in his pincher grip to pick things up. He can grab things with his whole hand, but he can’t yet pinch things with his fingers. He is not yet crawling.

Baby Truett’s mommy and family get really excited when he reaches a new milestone. He is almost ready to crawl and it will be really exviting when he can do that.

Baby Truett is starting to learn sign language. Here is the sign for more:

Here is the sign for food:

There are many ways to stay safe. We can wear a life jacket when we are in a boat. Keep babies away from fireplaces so they do not get burned. Do not walk away from a baby when they are on the change table. Use plastic plug protectors so babies do not put their fingers in electric sockets. If you had a pool in your yard, you would put a fence with a gate around it, but it is best to have a grown-up near you if you are by the pool.

When Baby Truett learned to roll, his mommy made sure there were no blankets around to get him tangled in. Babies should neve be left alone, even when they aren’t crawling yet.

Baby Truett was playing with making sounds. He made funny noises. That is the beginning of learning to talk!

Mr. Robertson let Truett play with some new toys. The balls had spinners inside them. He liked playing with the new balls! He got frustrated when the balls rolled away from him and he couldn’t reach them.

What will make Truett want to walk? We think he will want to play with his older brothers. Motivation to learn something new encourages us, too.

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