Singing Africa

Jacky Essombe came to our school, to teach about African song and dance. Jacky is from Cameroon. We found that country on a map. It is very far from where we live. Africa is not a country, it is a continent.

When we are together we express our joy, we sing together and we dance together.

Jacky’s friend Yoro Noukoussi came from Benin. She calls him Grandpa. In Africa, if there is one grandpa in a village, he is the grandpa to everyone. Grandpas tell lots of jokes and want to make everyone happy.

We learned to sing some African songs.

And we learned some African dances.

Dancing together makes us happy!

Grandpa then taught us about the instruments he was playing.

Jacky showed us her calabash which is a big bowl. It is made of a fruit that is similar to a pumpkin. African put water or grains or other food in it.

Grandpa also used the calabash like a drum.

They also use calabash’s with beads on the outside as musical instruments.

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