A Field Trip to Willow View Farms

The KinderPals had a wonderful field trip to Willow View Farms! 

We had a tour of the apple orchard wih Farmer Cheryl.  She told us all about how apple trees are dormant in the winter, have blossoms in the spring, apples grow in the summer, and apples are picked in the fall. She showed us her special apple-picking bag. We know that we habe to be gentle with apples so they don’t get bruises on them.

Then we went into the barn with Farmer Brittany to see the animals. We got to feed them a stalk of corn husk and got to pet them. Farmer Brittany even brought out a 3 day old baby chick for us to pet. It was so soft! We learned all about how animals help give us food to eat and wool for blankets and clothing.

We finished our field trip with a hay ride on Farmer Murray’s hay wagon. We went out to the pumpkin patch where he told us all about the types of pumkins he grows. Then we got to oick our own pumpkins to take home!

The very last thing we did was to have a drink of Farmer Murray and Farmer Cheryl’s fresh apple cider. It was delicious! Thank you, Farmer Murray, Farmer Cheryl and Farmer Brittany!

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  1. What a great field trip. Thank you Mrs. Hiebert!