Meeting Baby Truett

Today we met Baby Truett for the first time! We were so excited to see him. He was very relaxed and calm. His mommy says that sometimes Baby Truett can get fussy, but most of the time he is calm.

Last week we guessed what Baby Truett can do. He can’t roll yet, but he is almost ready to roll. He can not yet crawl. He can cry. That is how he communicates. He cries for a lot of reasons. Baby Truett is not able to walk yet. He sleeps really regularly, but his naps are sometimes at different times. He is not able to sit up yet. Baby Truett can drink milk, he can smile and he can hold his head up by himself.

Putting Baby Truett on his tummy helps him strengthen his neck. This is how he learns to hold his head up.

Most of us guessed that Baby Truett would be smaller than our doll, but Baby Truett was bigger!

Mr. Robertson measured Baby Truett and we found out that Baby Truett is 34 unifix cubes long. We wonder how much he will grow this year?

Mr. Robertson put a rattle on Baby Truett’s foot and we noticed that Baby Truett was kicking his foot much more.

Baby Truett seemed much more interested in Mr. Robertson’s face and voice than a little toy that made noise.

We are so glad to have met Baby Truett and his Mommy today and we can’t wait to see how much Baby Truett grows by the next time he visits our class.

4 Responses

  1. Baby Truett & I had a really fun time visiting the class! He was exhausted after and had a long nap! We can’t wait to see you all again next time!


  2. We are so glad that you and Baby Truett can come and teach us about growth and development! Thank you for coming to our class.

  3. What a great idea! This is especially educational for children who do not have younger siblings.

  4. The Roots of Empathy is an amazing international program. I am very pleased that the KinderPals can be a part of it.