Rail Safety

Today we had a mom in to teach us about trains and train safety. Someone asked if trains gave off carbon dioxide and our special visitor said that CN Rail is working to lower their carbon emissions.

Trains are so cool! Trains carry lots of things so that stores are stocked with all of the clothes, food and things we need to live.

People who work with trains have special safety gear to keep them safe.

They protect their eyes with safety glasses.

They wear bright orange vests with reflectors on them so they are easily seen.

The rail workers wear safety boots with steel plates in them so their feet are protected.

It is not safe for us to be around train tracks by ourselves. We need to stand far away. But there is a safe place to cross traintracks where there is a sign like is:

We should be at least 10 giant steps back from the railway when a train is going by. We always need to watch and listen carefully. A train will honk its horn and blow its whistle if it comes near a train crossing.

We need to watch for pavement markings and crossing gates, too.

We should never ride our bikes across a train track. We should get off our bikes and walk across. A bike tire could easily get stuck between train tracks.

Our special guest showed us the website http://www.cn.ca where there was a railway safety quiz (we got all the answers correct!) and there were stories about railway safety.

We also saw a short video called “Rover the Rabbit:Train Your Brain”.

Thank you to our special guest for teaching us all about railway safety and thank you also for the fun goody bags from CN Rail!

2 Responses

  1. I had such a great time talking to the kids. They were such great listeners and I know they are more aware about train safety and will pass the message along to their friends and family! :o)
    Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to speak to the KinderPals Mrs. Hiebert!

  2. We are so glad you could come and present to our class! We are reviewing the rail safety rules so that we remember them.