How Do We Communicate?

When Baby Sammy visited two weeks ago he communicated with us even though he can’t talk yet. He cried when he fell backwards. That tells us he was upset. When he crawled to the toy, that communicated that he wanted the colourful toy. When he crawled to his mom, it told us he wanted his mom.

We can communicate in many different ways. When we cry that means we are sad. Last week Mrs. Hiebert was sad when she told us that her dad was sick in the hospital. She communicated her sadness when she cried a little bit.

When you can’t hear, that is called being deaf. How can you communicate if you can’t hear? You could write things down for others to read, or you could use sign language.

We learned the song “The More We Get Together” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” in sign language.

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