HOJA is made up of Daniel, Dave and Matt who sing a capella music, meaning they ONLY use their voices, no backup tracks. They performed a lively, exciting concert and we sang and clapped along.

Mr. Eberding helped them out by singing and dancing with one of their songs, and HOJA even sang “Pretty Woman” to Mrs. Hiebert!

We learned how to make some of the beatbox sounds, too. The kick drum was fun! The snare drum sounded like a caveman grunting with a shhhhh. We put them together and made a basic drum beat.

HOJA sang many songs we knew and we LOVED singing and clapping along! You can find HOJA on Twitter at @hojagalaxy .

We learned about a pitch pipe to make sure the songs are in tune and that HOJA starts on the right note.

HOJA says that this job is like Minecraft…they love it and they get paid to do it!

Here are some bits of advice from HOJA:

Get involved and try new things. Find the thing that you LOVE!

When you find that thing you love, you need to practice and work hard.

Believe in yourself and don’t listen to bullies.

Thank you HOJA for an amazing concert! We were singing and dancing as we made our way back to class.



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