Music Monday

This past Monday, May 5, the KinderPals participated in Music Monday, a Canada-wide initiative to celebrate the importance of Music education. The highlight of the event, and the part in which we participated, was the singing of the anthem, “Is Somebody Singing”, with Commander Chris Hadfield (who wrote the song with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies), directed by Maestro Bramwell Tovey of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. All across Canada schools and classes sang the song together via webcast. Here is a photo of the KinderPals singing along (Commander Hadfield is on the left side of the screen and Maestro Tovey is on the right):


2 Responses

  1. Canadian schools are amazing. I know you must be so glad to be a part of these children’s education.

  2. So amazing! A. couldn’t stop talking about this activity – must have left a big impression on her.