Our Final Visit with Baby Truett and Remembering What We’ve Learned

Our time with The Roots of Empathy program has come to an end, so we are remembering back to Baby Truett’s final visit and all that we learned from him as we watched him develop.

Some pictures from our last visit with Baby Truett:

We saw Truett express all sorts of emotions. We saw him cry when he was sad. We saw him smile when he was happy. We saw him get excited about seeing a new toy. We watched him sit up and crawl. Truett was happy and proud of himself when he learned new things.

We talked about how we feel when we learn new things. We are all proud of ourselves when we accomplish something new.

We remembered about how to keep a baby safe. We know to keep knives away from babies. We know to keep dangerous things out of reach of babies. We know to keep babies away from fires by putting a fence around the fireplace. We keep small toys off the floor so that babies don’t put them in their mouths and choke on them.

We learned that a crying baby is not a bad baby, it is trying to communicate its needs. A crying baby might need some milk. we can help by giving the baby milk. A crying baby might be tired. We can help by putting him to bed. A crying baby might want his toy. We can help by giving him his toy. A crying baby might have a dirty diaper. We can help by changing his diaper. A crying baby might be hungry. We can help by giving the baby food. A baby might be trying to do something, but gets frustrated and starts to cry. We can help the baby do whatever is frustrating for them.

We learned so much from the Roots of Empathy program! Thank you Mr. Robertson, Baby Truett and Baby Truett’s mommy for teaching us this year!

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