Forces and Motion

Part of our redesigned curriculum has included learning about forces and motion in Kindergarten. Thomas’ dad is a Physics teacher, so we took a field trip to Mr. Campbell’s Physics 12 class. The Grade 12 students were our Big Buddies for the afternoon and taught us all about different kinds of forces and motion. We had fun and we learned so much! Thank you, Mr. Campbell for organizing all these amazing activities for us!



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Here are our tweets from today’s awesome field trip:

Fall Planting

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Right outside our classroom door are two bits of soil that Mr. Friesen likes to keep planted with things that will grow throughout the year. Today the KinderPals got to help plant brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. We can’t wait to watch them grow! Hopefully we will be able to taste the vegetables, too.


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Over the past three weeks the KinderPals have been learning about the process of metamorphosis. We had a set of caterpillars delivered to our class on May 6, we watched the caterpillars eat, grow, poop and make their chrysalises. We waited patiently for the caterpillars to turn into butterflies and we marveled at the sight […]

Our Epic Field Trip to Robert Bateman Secondary School

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Our class had an epic day today (according to more than one KinderPal)! We had been invited to the Sustainable Resources  12 class at Robert Bateman Secondary School by their teacher, Ms. Bacon. Her students planned our time there and led all of the activities that we did. First, one student brought in two of […]

Learning About Dogs

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Today Mr. Rollins brought in his dog, Ben, to show us. Ben is a Golden Retriever and is 7 years old. He eats only once a day, but he has treats sometimes. We learned that when you meet a dog you should ask the owner for permission to go near the dog or pet it. […]