Chalk Pastel Art

The KinderPals have been studying the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe and created these works of art based on the idea that we look very closely at flowers. Instead of using watercolour paints like Ms. O’Keeffe, we chose to create with chalk pastels. We learned how to colour using this special chalk and how to use […]

The Wiz – Learning About The Story

Next week the KinderPals will be going to see The Wiz performed by the Yale Secondary Musical Theatre class. Mrs. Hiebert’s son, Matthew, is going to be The Tin Man. He even came to our class to show us his costume. He made it himself! This is what Matthew looks like in his costume with his silver make-up…he didn’t look like this when he came to visit!


The KinderPals have been learning all about the story of The Wiz so that they will understand what they see on stage. The story is similar to The Wizard of Oz. The main characters are Dorothy and the friends she meets in Oz: The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion.

Ask any of the KinderPals and they should be able to retell the story of how Dorothy got to Oz and how she eventually got home after her adventure! Below you will see the artwork that the KinderPals created to show the four main characters in the story.



Chalk Drawings

Experimenting with new art materials is part of the Kindergarten program. Today the KinderPals used chalk to create “snow” drawings. It was interesting to see who loved to “smudge” the chalk and who preferred to keep the chalk lines crisp. I think the drawings turned out beautifully! Now if only we had some snow to […]

Puzzle Snowflakes

The KinderPals used Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, puzzle pieces, white paint and silver glitter to create a beautiful, abstract snowflakes. No two are exactly alike!                                                      

Macaroni Stars

Through the the year the KinderPals will be using a wide variety of materials to creat Art. This project started with a cut-out star, some white glue and a few different shapes of pasta. Each of the KinderPals created a beautiful, original work of Art with these materials.                      […]