The KinderPals are learning about penguins, their life cycle and adaptations they make for the conditions in which they live. We also did penguin art to decorate the hallway. Waddling like a penguin helps us to stay safe on the ice outside during this cold, cold weather.

So Many Jack O’Lanterns!

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Yesterday the KinderPals practised their drawing, cutting and gluing skills as they designed their own jack o’lanterns. Cutting is still something that many of the students need to work on. I give them the clue “thumbs up” to help them rememeber how to hold the scissors and the paper properly.

Pudding Painting

What a busy first month of school the KinderPals have had! One of our favourite activites so far has been Pudding Painting. It was so much fun to “play with our food” and make artwork that had to be cleaned up by licking our fingers. Check out the expressions on the KinderPals faces as they experimented with this new feeling of gooey pudding between our fingers!

Our Wonder Wall

Each week the KinderPals have been wondering about things and practising writing out their wonder questions. We have now created a “Wonder Wall” outside of our classroom to share our wonders with the rest of the students in the school. We hope that we will be able to answer some of the inquiry questions that […]

Buddy Painting

Our Big Buddies in Grade 5 sketched pictures for us to paint. It is really hard to control a paintbrush and keep the paint in the drawings! We are very proud of the artwork that we created.