New Year’s Goals

In the KinderPals class, we have been discussing the importance of setting goals and then working towards achieving those goals. This is a really tricky concept for little ones! Sometimes goals are easily achieved, some goals take a really long time to achieve, and sometimes we never do accomplish them. We are trying to figure […]


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Today Mrs. Calnek’s grade 3 class came in to teach us how to use the app PicCollage. We learned how to search for photos and create a collage that we can upload to our blogs. Since we are learning about bears, that is the theme we all used for this collage. As the year goes […]

Music Monday

This past Monday, May 5, the KinderPals participated in Music Monday, a Canada-wide initiative to celebrate the importance of Music education. The highlight of the event, and the part in which we participated, was the singing of the anthem, “Is Somebody Singing”, with Commander Chris Hadfield (who wrote the song with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies), directed by Maestro Bramwell Tovey of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. All across Canada schools and classes sang the song together via webcast. Here is a photo of the KinderPals singing along (Commander Hadfield is on the left side of the screen and Maestro Tovey is on the right):


Everything is AWESOME!

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Last Friday it was PC Royals Lego Day! We immersed ourselves in being royal, we wrote stories on our blogs about royalty, we made royal crowns to wear, we danced to the song from “The Lego Movie” and then finally in the afternoon we had our chance to build onto our huge school Lego project. […]

Shrek the Musical – A Class Inquiry

Over the past few weeks the KinderPals have been learning all about the elements of story and how they apply to Shrek the Musical. We have read all of the stories associated with the characters in Shrek, we have discussed similarities and differences in different versions of each fairy tale and we have discussed main characters, secondary characters, setting, problems, story progression, and resolution. Each student has a book created with everything we have learned in this unit (though we are not yet finished). You can find your child’s work on their Kidblog.

Over the next week we will be completing our preparation for seeing Shrek the Musical. Seeing a live Broadway show is such a different experience from watching a movie, I want the students to be as prepared for the experience as possible. Learning the music, knowing the story inside-out, and knowing what audience manners are appropriate are all big learning opportunities for the children. Through this preparation I think that the show will take on much greater meaning for everyone.

Ask your children what they are learning about Shrek and the other fairy tales. Their expertise may surprise you!