Our Wonder Wall

Each week the KinderPals have been wondering about things and practising writing out their wonder questions. We have now created a “Wonder Wall” outside of our classroom to share our wonders with the rest of the students in the school. We hope that we will be able to answer some of the inquiry questions that […]

New Year’s Goals

In the KinderPals class, we have been discussing the importance of setting goals and then working towards achieving those goals. This is a really tricky concept for little ones! Sometimes goals are easily achieved, some goals take a really long time to achieve, and sometimes we never do accomplish them. We are trying to figure […]

Advent Chains


 Today the KinderPals will be bringing home an Advent Chain to help them count down until Christmas. As you saw in their FreshGrade pertfolios, we have been practising counting down from 10, so counting down from 25 will require some support.

Each day take one link off of the chain and count how many links are left. When you get to the star, it will be Christmas Day!


Advent Chains

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Today is December 1st and to help the KinderPals countdown to Christmas, we made advent chains. Each day, help your child take one link off of the chain and when you get to the star, that is Christmas Day! We worked on making AB patterns and cutting on a line to cut out the star […]

Math Game – Legs

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Today the KinderPals learned to play a game called “Legs”. Below you will see the instructions, the game board and photos of the children playing. This game is helping the KinderPals recognize a grouping of dots on the dice as well as recognizing at a glance a number of items.