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Last Friday it was PC Royals Lego Day! We immersed ourselves in being royal, we wrote stories on our blogs about royalty, we made royal crowns to wear, we danced to the song from “The Lego Movie” and then finally in the afternoon we had our chance to build onto our huge school Lego project. […]

Shrek the Musical – Performance

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On Tuesday, our whole school went to the Abby Arts Center to see a performance of Shrek the Musical produced by Yale Secondary School.  Mrs. Hiebert’s son, David, played the part of Shrek and her son, Matthew, played the part of Pinocchio.  We all enjoyed the performance very much!  We even got up and danced […]

A Christmas Surprise!

This morning Mrs. Warmenhoven came into our class and asked us to come to the office right away for a surprise. In the school lobby was a brass quartet playing Christmas carols! We listened to them play and also sang along with some of their songs. What a special Christmas treat! Here is a sample of what we experienced.

The Reindeer Rap

The KinderPals and their Big Buddies have started to prepare for our school Christmas Concert! Our concert will be on Wednesday, December 18th at 1:30 and 7:00pm. Please come and enjoy a time of community building as we entertain you with some holiday songs.

One of our performances will be “The Reindeer Rap” by Sally Albrecht. It would be helpful if the KinderPals could practice a bit at home, as there are many words to learn. Here are the lyrics and the beat track that we will be using:

We fly through the air like we know we should

To bring you presents and make Santa look good

We want you to know that we just don’t get it.

We do all the work while Santa gets the credit!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

There’s Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen

Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen

We even have a stand-by who everyone knows

His name is Rudolph with the bright red nose!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

Up on the housetop the reindeer pause

Do you know what it’s like pullin’ The Claus?

Every year his figure gets bigger and bigger

You really think he might watch his figure.

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

Santa thought about a snowmobile, he even tried a bike

A train or a plane he thought he might like

But he’ll stick with us to his dying day

‘Cause he knows we’re the ones who can pull his sleigh!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

Now don’t get us wrong, he’s a really nice guy

And we all do enjoy flying through the sky

It’s just that we want the attention we deserve

And ignoring us really takes a lot of nerve!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

So this Christmas Eve when you close your eyes tight

Please remember that we’ve been flying all night!

Slippin’ and slidin’ on every roof top

Working ourselves, making Santa look hot!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!

Without us…Santa’s nothin’!



Clipart from Clipartheaven.com

Uzume Taiko

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Today our school had the pleasure of hosting a performance by Uzume Taiko, a group of taiko drummers that are part of the ArtStarts program for BC schools. Bonnie, Jason and Naomi entertained us with their music and taught us many things aout Japanese culture. We learned: -Taiko means big drum. -Odaiko is the largest […]