Our Wonder Wall

Over the last few months of the year, the KinderPals will be talking and writing about things they wonder about. Sometimes we will wonder about the same things as a class, and other times we will be wondering about whatever each of us is thinking about. In your discussions at home, if you could start talking about wondering and questioning with words like who, what, where, when, why, how and if, that will help propel our wonderings at school to go much deeper.

I wonder when it will be spring?

I wonder what Nolan is doing?

I wonder what Avin is doing?

I wonder why the sun is not coming back?


I wonder if I could go to Candyland?

I wonder why the sun is out?

I wonder why I am watching the news with my dad?

I wonder why Batman is so cool?

I wonder if I could go to Candyland?

I wonder why the sun shines?

I wonder why chocolate is so yummy?

I wonder why it is raining?

I wonder how you can see the sun?

I wonder how we can see the moon from outer space?

I wonder why it is raining today?

I wonder if my grandma is coming over?

I wonder why dabbing is so cool?

I wonder if Corrina is my best friend?

I wonder why it is raining today?

I wonder why the sun is not shining?

Our Big Buddies

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Every Friday the KinderPals get to spend some time with their Grade 5 Big Buddies from Mrs. Hemmerich’s class. We have played on the playground together, read books together, we have done leaf rubbings and made our turkey headbands together. We are always excited to see our special friends from Grade 5!

How Do We Communicate?

When Baby Sammy visited two weeks ago he communicated with us even though he can’t talk yet. He cried when he fell backwards. That tells us he was upset. When he crawled to the toy, that communicated that he wanted the colourful toy. When he crawled to his mom, it told us he wanted his mom.

We can communicate in many different ways. When we cry that means we are sad. Last week Mrs. Hiebert was sad when she told us that her dad was sick in the hospital. She communicated her sadness when she cried a little bit.

When you can’t hear, that is called being deaf. How can you communicate if you can’t hear? You could write things down for others to read, or you could use sign language.

We learned the song “The More We Get Together” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” in sign language.

Our Wonder Wall

Each week the KinderPals have been wondering about things and practising writing out their wonder questions. We have now created a “Wonder Wall” outside of our classroom to share our wonders with the rest of the students in the school. We hope that we will be able to answer some of the inquiry questions that […]

Baby Sammy Can Communicate!

Baby Sammy came to visit today. He can communicate in many ways. He is starting to say a few words like Mama and Dada. He can makes sounds.

We sang some nursery rhymes to Sammy. We sang Eensy Weensy Spider. He liked our singing! We also did “This Little Piggy” while his mommy played with his toes.

 Baby Sammy was excited and he waved his arms at us! He was communicating with his body and his arms.

When we did Patty Cake, Baby Sammy was learning the beat of the poem.

 Baby Sammy really liked the colourful toy. He was feeling it with his hands and his tongue to learn about the textures. He is learning all about his surroundings. When he likes something, he grunts. He is trying to communicate!

 We communicated with Baby Sammy by giving him toys to play with (this tells him we are kind and can share our toys), we smiled and waved at him (this tells him we are friendly and glad to see him), and we sang for him (which entertains him and teaches him things).