Terry Fox Run Photos

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One class, Multiple Activities

Many of you have asked how we manage to have two grades in one classroom, so today’s post will show you a little glimpse of how I organize things. The activities I have the students do are often open-ended, such as journal and blogging, where each student can progress at his/her own level. In the instances where the grades need to do separate activities, I take one group for a lesson while the other starts to work, then I switch groups and the other students get their instruction time with me. The following photographs show both groups working together, but on different activities.





Jump Rope for Heart Day

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In gym class, the KinderPals participated in the Jump Rope for Heart program. Thank you to all who supported and donated money to the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Happy Year of the Snake, everyone!  Our big buddies helped us to make Chinese lanterns to Celebrate the lunar New Year. One buddy even wore a Chinese outfit his dad had brought back from Beijing.