This morning the KinderPals joined the rest of the school to view a play called “Mistatim”. The story of Mistatim is about a boy named Calvin, his horse, Mistatim, who he is trying to “break” and a girl named Speck. A wooden fence separates Calvin’s family property from the reservation that Speck lives on. Even though they live so close together, Calvin and Speck are from different worlds. The themes emerging from this play are those of needing to respect and empathize with one another. A very brief mention of the horrors of residential schools occurs in the play, so please be aware, in case one of the KinderPals has questions about that. We spoke about the play after seeing it, and most of the children were enthralled with the actor who played Mistatim. I tried to put into kid language the ideas presented and simplified it in that we need to always treat others with kindness…the way we would want to be treated. 

Happy Thanksgiving from The KinderPals!


Hello and welcome to the website of Mrs. Hiebert’s KinderPals class! This is a test post to see if our subscription service is up and running. If, at any time, you wish to comment on a post we make or a project we do, please feel free to do so. I recommend that you do not use your last name for safety reasons, but instead sign in as “Amy’s Mom” or “Matthew’s Dad” grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle, or whatever an appropriate title in relation to your child would be. I look forward to sharing all of the fun and learning that will be happening in our class as the year goes on!

Energy Champions

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The KinderPals and the rest of he Prince Charles students had two very special visitors today. Two members of the BC Lions, Rolly Lumbala and JR LaRose came to the school to teach us to be champion for the environment. And they were so AWESOME! They had us play fun games, and learn a lot […]

Sunglasses and Flashlights Needed

Parts of the costumes your child will be wearing for the Christmas concert will be made at school, but if you could please send a pair of sunglasses that your child could keep at school until the concert, that would be appreciated. On the night of the concert, your child is free to wear any favourite or special outfit they wish and the sunglasses and other costume pieces will be added to whatever they are wearing.

Also, we will be using flashlights as props. If you could please send a flashlight to school with your child in the next few days, that would be appreciated. Please label the flashlight with your child’s name. The flashlights don’t need to be a specific size, they just need to work. All flashlights will be sent home after the concert on December 18th.